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Recherche de candidat en thèse / PhD student - Organic / inorganic particles for the treatment of complex wounds with high risk of infection

PhD position in Institute of Biomolecules Max Mousseron (IBMM, Montpellier, France) and CIRIMAT (Toulouse, FRANCE)
Chemistry /Biology interface.
Starting date: October-November 2019

IBMM Montpellier : gilles.subra umontpellier.fr (www.ibmmpeptide.com)
CIRIMAT Toulouse : christophe.drouet cirimat.fr (www.christophedrouet.com)

Organic / inorganic particles for the treatment of complex wounds with high risk of infection

Keywords: mineral nanoparticles, peptides, wound-healing, antibacterial, hybrid materials
Starting date : October 2019-october 2022
Funding : Institut Carnot Chimie Balard Cirimat

This PhD project focuses on the design and the study of hybrid mineral/organic particles which will be stabilized by biomolecules and in particular bioactive peptides. The antibacterial and wound healing effect of the particles will be evaluated.
Open wounds are common in all health services, from emergencies to dermatology, maxillofacial, orthopedic and plastic surgery. In the case of deep wounds, infection is a major threat to the health of the patient, especially for the most fragile subjects such as the elderly, diabetic patients, immuno-depressed or burnt victims. Innovative solutions need to be developed for the most complex wounds where coordinated (antibacterial and pro-healing) effects are required to achieve optimal healing. In addition, current solutions are generally based on general antibiotic therapy, but microbial resistance is becoming a major public health problem, and alternative solutions are needed.

Scientific approach:
In this context, the project will aim to design an alternative solution to conventional dressings and systemic antibiotic treatments through the development of sub-micron peptide-associated mineral particles for the controlled release of active agents. The formulation of these hybrid particles in the form of a medical device of the dressing and / or ointment type will also be explored.

Candidate profile : (molecular) chemistry background. A preliminary experience on peptides synthesis and characterization will be a plus. The PhD student will spend part of the time in Montpellier and part in Toulouse, autonomy , self-organization and mobility is required.

How to apply ?
A detailed CV (with names of two references) and a cover letter should be emailed to the supervisors