Partnership Research and Development

Partnership Research and Development

You are a company, you may be interested in CIRIMAT …

For a first contact with CIRIMAT, please send an e-mail to Pr.Dominique Poquillon.

CIRIMAT conducts multidisciplinary research on fields with strong industrial and societal impact : Aeronautics (aircraft and engines), Space, Energy (production and storage), Electronics, Health, Environment, Building.

In addition to publishing cutting-edge research in peer-reviewed journals, CIRIMAT’s scientists are involved in operations aimed at filling the gap between lab discoveries on new materials and real-life technological applications. Typically, 6 patents and 6 international extensions are filed annually and several licenses are granted or renewed..

CIRIMAT has thus established strong and lasting links with industrial partners (major groups, subcontractors, SMEs, start-ups), in France and abroad, which have earned it the label Institut Carnot as of the first cal for tenders in 2006. This label was renewed in 2011. In 2016, CIRIMAT and partners in Montpellier joined forces and were once again awarded the label, as Institut Carnot Chimie Balard CIRIMAT.

CIRIMAT collaborates with companies within different frameworks :
* direct contracts
* CIFRE conventions (Industrial Conventions of Formation by the Research)
* joint laboratories
* Regional, national (ANR, FUI), UE programs

According to the problems and the needs of the companies, the durations of the collaborations can be adapted, typically :
* 6 months (Master internship)
* 12 or 18 months (contract engineer or post-doctoral internship)
* 36 months (PhD)

Studies performed in CIRIMAT for industrial partners may be eligible for research tax credit.

You can find more information on the website of the Carnot Institutes Network, of which CIRIMAT is a member.

Quality management at CIRIMAT

Desirous of continuing the harmonious development of a high-level fundamental research and a partnership research oriented towards innovation, CIRIMAT is committed to quality management . Since July 2012, it has been certified ISO 9001 for all its activities (basic research, partnership research and training by and for research). The outline of this approach is indicated in the CIRIMAT quality manual.

The reactivity of CIRIMAT researchers, both during the design of the project and during a study, makes it possible to implement the most appropriate means. In addition, at the end of each research project, we ask our partners to fill out a satisfaction questionnaire in order to continue to progress. This action aims to offer guarantees of reliability to industrial partners by responding to best practices and international standards.

Please download the questionnaire, fill it out and send it back to the CIRIMAT Quality Manager or your contact at the laboratory.